Mission Flow

Starting with “Food Fight” then going into “On the Run”

Queen Euphoria would be a good followup to this, since it keeps the runners in the entertainment industry. As would a re-skinned Mercurial. Especially if the get Darius St George as a contact – he’ll have more work.

I like this idea of keeping the team running missions for the entertainment biz


  • Food Fight
  • On the Run

Some other “compliation mods” I want to check out – ‘Sprawl Wilds’ and ‘Firing Line’

Some other mods to check: “Missing Blood”, “Dreamchipper”, “Elven Fire”

Adventures to add:
A Fistful of Credsticks: Horizon Adventure 1
Anarchy: Subsidized: Horizon Adventure 2
Colombian Subterfuge: Horizon Adventure 3
One Stage Before (This will require re-skinning to a new band at minimum)
Mercurial (re-skinned to new rock star… perhaps link to One Stage Before?)
Dark Angel (Yakuza are involved in this one)
A Killing Glare (maybe, might be too combat heavy)
Missing Blood (corp guy could be a music corp? bug spirits THIS IS THE UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD ADVENTURE)
Queen Euphoria (bug spirits)

Sidelines (non industry runs for flavor)
Dreamchipper (decent hook for Bone’s decker)
Harlequin (several missions, weaving them into the other stuff should be easy enough)
Eye Witness might be fun

Ivy & Chrome could lead into Elven Fire I think. Gangland contacts and all.

Mission Flow

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