Tag: NPC


  • Smiley

    A former shadowrunner who hit a decent run of luck and decided to get out of the runner biz before somebody shot his head off, he’s made a successful transition to the other side of the fence. He remembers the breaks he got when he was a newbie, and so he …

  • Darius St. George

    In Seattle, Darius St. George is probably one of the most influential trolls you’ve never heard of. Flamboyant, cheerful, and utterly ruthless when it comes to searching out talent for his record labels, Darius prefers to do business behind the scenes. He …

  • Zipper

    Zipper is an Amerind-Asian dwarf woman with short spiky black hair, a synthleather jacket, and biker boots. She sits with another dwarf woman, each with a drink in front of them. They appear to be playing some kind of game with their commlinks.

  • Kerwin Loomis

    Kerwin is human, 28 years old, with the physique of a couch potato. His two most common expressions are a hangdog pout when things don’t go his way and an eager, unpleasant leer.

  • Delphia

    When the runners finally track Delphia down, either by intercepting her as she tries to escape or by catching her in her apartment, they find a tall, statuesque human woman with dark skin, bright blue dreadlocks, and large nanotattoos of tribal designs …

  • Marli Bremerton

    Marli Bremerton still lives in Seattle, but nobody sees her anymore. If the runners do any research on The Shadows, they’ll see that she was a tall, dark-haired, charismatic, and very beautiful human woman who fairly crackled with energy—the kind of …