Cathode Glow

The Cathode Glow looks like it’s been around for at least fifty years and has been going downhill for forty-nine of them. As you walk in the front door, you can feel the crawly sensation of suspicious glares from all around the room. This looks like the kind of place where old hackers go to die.

There’s ancient computer terminals and old-school cyberdeck equipment attached to the walls, the tables, the bar, and even the floor. You could swear some of it dates back to the previous century—and all of it seems to be in working order.

In AR, the place is even weirder—each of the archaic devices is overlaid with bizarre active icon AROs that seem to be alive and watching you.

An eyeball on a metal stalk cranes down from the ceiling and regards you dispassionately, followed by a monotone voice that crackles over your speakers: “Help you?”

Cathode Glow

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