When the runners finally track Delphia down, either by intercepting her as she tries to escape or by catching her in her apartment, they find a tall, statuesque human woman with dark skin, bright blue dreadlocks, and large nanotattoos of tribal designs running up and down her arms. It’s obvious that she was once very beautiful, but these days she’s got the thin, twitchy look characteristic of a hardcore chiphead.

Her eyes, however, are hard as steel. The runners will see immediately that she’s still in possession of her faculties, which speaks volumes for her willpower considering that rumors say she’s been a BTL junkie for many years. While she talks to them, she will seem very twitchy and nervous, like she’s constantly afraid of being discovered. Once she figures out that the team isn’t Lone Star, though, she’ll be very polite.

“Oh, I remember those days very well,” she tells them. “Good times, good times. Carrion made a lot of stars’ careers. JetBlack, he was one of the best. It’s too bad about what happened to him. “I remember that session, though. Recorded in the dead of night, just me and him and his backup band. He wanted to keep it a secret—he was planning to release it later on, but he died before he got the chance.

“No, I don’t have a copy. He insisted on taking all the copies with him—that was part of the deal.” She looks at them slyly. “If you’re trying to track down concrete details about that recording, though, I know something that can help you out—but it’s going to cost you to get it. Not money—I just need you to do me a favor.”

If the runners seem willing, she tells them, “There’s a package I need picked up, but I don’t want to get it myself or send one of my friends.” She waves her hand vaguely, probably to indicate the gangers. “Knight Errant knows what we look like and they’ll pick us up right away if they catch us. It’s already paid for—I just need you to retrieve it and bring it back to me. If you do that, I’ll tell you something that I promise will help. Deal?”

If the runners accept the deal, she tells them, “Okay, good. What you need to do is go to the Lotus Flower Card Room on 56th Street in Tacoma. Ask to speak to Mr. Lo. Tell him you’ve come to pick up the package for Lady Blue; the password is ‘Abbey Road.’”

If the runners try to physically intimidate Delphia or otherwise try to coerce her into giving them information without running her errand, she will put up a token resistance then give a piece of false data that might lead them to believe she’s not as sane as she seems (“JetBlack’s not really dead, you know. He staged his own death and went into hiding. He’s still in Seattle somewhere—if you can track him down, you can find out a lot more about the
recording session.”)

If they try to use some sort of mind-control spell, they might be surprised to find out how tough-minded she is (Willpower 5)—this isn’t usually true for wireheads. If the spell succeeds, she will tell them how to find Marli Bremerton, whom she’s sure knows much more about the recording session.


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