If the runners hand over the disk or a copy of the recordingsand haven’t sold or lost it to anyone else, read the following:
Mr. Johnson accepts your offering with a nod of thanks. “Good job,” he says, grinning. “I’ve heard that a lot of people were after this, and it looks like you’ve managed to beat them all out. I’m impressed, especially if the rumors I’ve heard are true. I’ll pass this on to my employer, and I’m reasonably sure that there might be more employment for you in the future. I’m even authorized to toss in a little extra bonus—5,000¥, to be exact—to reward you for your integrity. Now—let’s have a drink, shall we? I’m buying.”

If the runners hand over the disk (or a copy of the recordings) and have lost (not sold) the files to someone else, read the following:
Mr. Johnson sighs, taking your offering but not looking pleased. “Well, you got me the disk. I would have preferred that you were the only ones to have the files, but … well, there’s little point to discussing that now. I think we’ll be able to salvage things, since my employer can move a little faster than the competition. Here’s your payment—let me give you some advice, though. If you want to stay in this business, you need to be more careful to hang on to things. I guarantee your next boss won’t be as forgiving.”

If the runners hand over the disk (or a copy of the recordings) and have sold the files to someone else, read the following:
Mr. Johnson is all smiles until you hand over the disk, and then he glares at you like a scientist pinning an insect to a wall. “Nice going,” he growls. “You guys are new at this, I know, but I thought you’d be smart enough to know that when you get paid to deliver something to somebody, you don’t start freelancing copies to other players. Yeah, yeah—I know, they probably made you an offer you couldn’t refuse. I know how it is. I hope it was a damned good offer, though, ’cause I’m sure as hell not gonna pay you for acting like a bunch of greedy kids. You realize, if I was any other Johnson, you’d be dead now. See, we don’t like getting double-crossed. Fortunately for you, my employer was able
to broker a … deal … with the party you sold the information to. Everything’s frosty now, so he’s decided to let you keep breathing … for now, anyway. If I were you, I’d get my ass out of here before I forget that I’m a nice guy and decide to teach you the lesson you really need to learn.”

If the runners don’t go back to Johnson at all and attempt to lay low, read the following:
A day after the time of the scheduled meet, <choose /> receives a voicemail message. “This is Mr. Johnson. Apparently you’ve chosen to accept a better offer than the one I made you. Either that, or you’re all dead. Either way, I’m not pleased and neither is my employer. You’ll be hearing from us again.”


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