Infinity is one of the current novahot nightspots on the Seattle scene.

Before you even schmooze past the formidable pair of troll bouncers at the door, you can hear and feel the pounding beats of the latest club hits. Once you’re inside, the bass-line thrums through the walls and floor like a giant subsonic heartbeat, making it difficult even to breathe out of time with the music. All around, people dressed in the latest club-wear fashions writhe and gyrate on the dance floor, with holographic images skittering over and above the moving display and adding to the sensory overload.

When you subscribe your PAN to the club’s network, things get even more chaotic; Dozens of messages and signs flash across your vision, everything from mundane AROs, like directions to the restrooms and a list of the bar specials, to private messages from clubbers who want to get to know you better.

Adjusting your commlink’s settings to filter out unwanted information, you’re glad that you and your team can use your links to communicate, since you sure aren’t going to hear anything audibly over the music.

You spot the elf bartender your fixer mentioned immediately — she’s the only woman back there, and she’s a beauty.

The elven bartender, Sarissa, is expecting the team’s arrival, but she’s not above trying to make a little cred on the deal—she’ll play coy when the Johnson party is mentioned, pretending not to remember the correct information, but her memory will return if she is given a bribe of any amount, if a team member makes a successful Con (Seduction) +
Charisma or Negotiation + Charisma Opposed Test against her Charisma 6 + Negotiation 3, or if she believes the team won’t “play along” and might become hostile. One way or the other, though, she’ll give up the information. “You’ll find your party in the Blue Room,” she says. A new room appears on their commlinks’ floorplan diagram, along with a code to allow them entry to the room.

The Blue Room is on the club’s second floor, accessible via a wide catwalk surrounding the lower level. The catwalk is lined with several such doors, probably leading to other conference rooms. Attempting to assense them will reveal nothing (they’re shielded).

Passing a few clubbers having amorous moments in shadowy corners, the team can use the code Sarissa gave them to get inside.

The first thing they’ll notice upon entering is that the place is decorated entirely in blue. The second thing they’ll notice is that it’s surprisingly quiet, given the din outside—the soundproofing here is amazing.

This room in particular is a conference room, with an oval table made of genuine wood (oak with walnut inlay, for any characters who might have a relevant Knowledge skill) and
several chairs.

Mr. Johnson is waiting for them, sipping a drink and tapping something into his commlink. A mushroom-shaped white-noise generator (Rating 4) is prominent in the middle of the table.


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