On the Run Legwork

For each contact the team approaches, they may get information in two ways. First, the contact may have personal knowledge of what they’re looking for. This is represented by the contact’s Knowledge skills. Have the contact roll the appropriate skill (for example, Music Industry Knowledge) + the appropriate attribute (for example, Logic), and consult the appropriate topic table below.

If you haven’t worked out what the contact’s skills are yet, simple select what feels an appropriate number of dice for the contact and roll. Keep in mind that a contact with an average skill (3) + an average attribute (3) will be rolling 6 dice, so an inept or unskilled contact would roll less dice (say 3 or 4, but no less than 1) while a skilled and proficient contact would roll more (say 8 or 9, but likely no more than 12).

Alternately, you can simply decide that a contact doesn’t know the information (it’s inappropriate, not his specialty, or you simply don’t want the runners to know yet) or that he does (if he’s clued in somehow, or it’s time to feed the characters another clue to keep
it moving).

Of course, even if the contact does know some information, he may be unwilling to share it, perhaps requiring a Negotiation Test or threats to get it out of him.

Secondly, the contact can be asked to “ask around.” In this case the contact makes a Charisma + Connection Extended Test with an interval of 1 hour. Count each hit scored on these tests cumulatively and look them up on the Contact column in the appropriate topic table below. If a contact has accumulated 3 hits regarding a topic, for example, then he has all the information listed under 0, 1, 2, and 3 hits on the table.

Searching the Matrix
Some characters may prefer to search for information online, checking through shadowy bulletin boards, data haven archives, and underworld rumor channels rather than asking
around face-to-face. In this case, the character makes a Data Search + Browse Extended Test with an interval of 1 minute. Count each hit cumulatively and consult the Search column in the appropriate topic table below.

Some topics may have a Data Search Modifier listed, which is applied as a dice pool modifier to the search test.

On the Run Legwork

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