A former shadowrunner who hit a decent run of luck and decided to get out of the runner biz before somebody shot his head off, he’s made a successful transition to the other side of the fence. He remembers the breaks he got when he was a newbie, and so he enjoys helping new teams get established.

Smiley is always on the lookout for promising talent. (Of course, the fact that newbies let him get away with skimming a larger percentage off their fee doesn’t enter into the equation—not at all. Really.)

Smiley is an ork—a big, bluff “good ol’ boy” with a CAS accent and a preference for baseball caps (though he doesn’t seem to have a loyalty to any particular team). As you might expect by his name, he sports a wide, tusky grin that tends to make people like and trust him immediately, a feature he emphasizes by keeping his tusks polished to a brilliant white.

It doesn’t take long to realize, however, that there’s a tough negotiator behind that grin. Smiley never lets anybody have anything for free. He doesn’t try to screw over his talent, though, and he is willing to go out of his way to find work for people he likes. He’s greedy, but he’s trustworthy—what more can you ask?


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