The Lotus Flower Card Room

The Lotus Flower Card Room is run by the Yellow Lotus Triad. One of their sidelines is selling particularly hot BTLs.

The card room is small and sumptuously decorated in Asian style. Non-Chinese runners will feel very uncomfortable there, as everyone else inside is Chinese, most of them are human, and they’re all speaking Cantonese. When they enter, every eye will be on them.

If the runners mind their manners in the card room, they’ll be watched closely by the patrons. When they ask for Mr. Lo, they are asked to wait for a moment. Three young well-dressed Chinese men then approach, the center one obviously the leader.

The leader introduces himself as Mr. Chen and tells them that Mr. Lo is very busy. He offers to help them with anything they need.

Chen’s manner is openly contemptuous. He makes it clear he can barely bring himself to speak directly to the runners. Behind him, the two other men smile as if they’re waiting for something to happen.

This is a test: if the runners mind their manners—and successfully make an Etiquette + Charisma (2) Test—he will nod grudgingly and say, “All right, then. Follow me,” while the other two look disappointed.
If the runners tell him what they’re after, he will quickly lead them away to someplace more private to finish their conversation.
If they cop an attitude with him (or, even more unfortunately, try to attack him), things will go badly. As the gamemaster, you can decide if Mr. Chen refuses to allow the team to see Mr. Lo, if he and his companions attack, or if they toss the runners out on their collective ear.

If they are taken to see Mr. Lo, they are first scanned by a MAD Rating 4, patted down, and asked to check any weapons that are found, then ushered into a back room where they are met by an unassuming looking Chinese human in his mid 30s.

Once they give him the proper password, he reaches in his pocket and removes a small sealed box, which he passes gravely over to whichever character is doing the talking. “I hope that Lady Blue will find this acceptable,” he says.

The Lotus Flower Card Room

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