Warehouse Concert Venue

Your first thought when you get a look at the place where the concert’s going down is, ‘You’ve got to be kidding!’ It’s a warehouse. Not a club artfully disguised to look like a warehouse. Not a former warehouse that’s been converted into a club. It’s a fraggin’ warehouse.

Smack dab in the middle of a crumbling industrial district near the docks, the place is obviously not prepared for the number of people who’ll be showing up for the gig. Cars and motorcycles choke the streets, everywhere you look people are double and triple-parked, and you’re pretty sure that line of porta-potties off to the side isn’t going to be adequate to handle the crowd (even if they are super-sized to accommodate orks and trolls, the majority of the concertgoers).

Already quite a few people are milling around outside, and you can hear the booming sounds of music coming from inside the badly soundproofed walls. You figure whoever’s sponsoring Nabo must have dropped a lot of cred for bribes to make this happen, since you don’t spot even a single Knight Errant cruiser prowling around, nor do you see any angry fire marshals. Yeah, this is the Barrens, but even then it takes big money to get something this big ignored.

Flush with bravado from his new found fame but determined not to lose his “roots,” Nabo is performing one last local concert at a warehouse in Redmond before moving off to start his multi-city tour. Since getting to talk to him directly is probably not going to happen since he’s surrounded by handlers, bodyguards, and his old gang, the team’s best bet is probably to hack his commlink and see if they can track the source of the email back to its originator. To do this, they’ll need to get into the (sold-out) concert, sneak backstage,
break into Nabo’s dressing room, and successfully hack his commlink to get the information they’re looking for, all without attracting the attention of Nabo’s security, bodyguards, handlers, and gang hangers-on. Once they’ve got the information, they’ll
have to contend with trying to get out through a riot that’s broken out among the fans there to see the show.

Warehouse Concert Venue

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